40-Yard Roll-Off Dumpsters

The CWS 40-yard, roll-off dumpster is considerably larger than that of our competitors. If comparison shopping for dumpster rentals, ask for the container dimensions to ensure you are comparing equal sizes.

Approximate overall dimensions of a 40-yard dumpster are:
20 feet long by 8 feet wide by 8 feet high. Please see the dumpster dimensions graphic, below. The dumpster will typically fit in a standard residential driveway if the street access is adequate. Note that our delivery vehicle measures as big as a cement truck, requiring a large clear area to perform the intended service. View the dumpster delivery video below to get an understanding of the area required to deliver a 40-yard dumpster. If you are unsure if the access is adequate, please contact CWS Customer Service.

Acceptable waste materials include:
All types of Non-Hazardous Construction and Demolition (C&D) materials such as wood, metal, and plastic, drywall, green waste, cardboard, and household items including furniture and appliances (excludes the City of Los Angeles – unless household debris are mixed with construction and demolition debris). Inert materials such as concrete, dirt, sand, brick, etc. are allowed in the 40-yard dumpsters in small quantities. If you have inert materials, please consult with a CWS Customer Service Representative prior to disposing of this type of material to ensure the weight will not exceed your allotted tons at no charge and the weight will not exceed the legal road limit.

40 Yard Unacceptable waste materials include:
All hazardous wastes including any type of liquid or food waste, antifreeze, asbestos, batteries, chemical products, dead animals, flammable materials, fluorescent tubes, herbicides & pesticides, medical waste, motor oil, transmission oil/lubricating/hydraulic oil/, contaminated oils (mixed with solvents, gasoline, etc.), oil filters, other flammable liquids, paint, partially filled aerosol cans, petroleum contaminated soil/lead paint chips, propane tanks, radioactive material, railroad ties, refrigeration-related appliances, sealed barrels, cylinders or tanks, solvents, and tires, treated lumber, weapons, and any other toxic waste as defined by local, county, state or federal regulations. Please contact a CWS Customer Representative for more details.

Maximum legal road weight limit is 12 tons or 24,000 pounds.
Should your dumpster weight exceed the legal road limit of 12 tons, we reserve the right to refuse service. A "Trip Charge" will result and an additional "Overweight Fee" may be charged. Please see the stickers on the outside of the 40 yard dumpster for loading instructions or view the Dumpster Tips page for more detailed loading instructions.


Dumpster Rental Period:
Flexible. Typically, 3-5 days (depending on service demand).

Street Use Permit:
For those who intend to place a CWS dumpster on a right-of-way or public street, an official street use permit will most likely be required. This type of permit will vary from city to city; therefore, contact your local municipality regarding specific requirements or contact our office for further details.

We suggest you view our Terms and Conditions for more details.

40 Yard Dumpster Dimensions

Image of CWS 40-Yard Dumpster

Dumpster Delivery Video