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Weekly Trash Pick-up:

United Pacific Waste
Contact: Michael

Athens Services
Harry Kazarian
(818) 262-5941

Hazardous Material:

Household hazardous waste collection events are held throughout the County of Los Angeles. For information on how to prepare for these events, event schedules, and certified used oil collection centers, go to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works' Guide To Household Hazardous Waste or call 1 (888) CLEAN-LA.

Restoration companies who are employed by lenders, real estate companies, and other entities to prepare foreclosed residential properties for resale may not transport hazardous wastes abandoned by tenants or owners to a household hazardous waste collection event. Instead the restoration company needs to comply with the hazardous waste control law. For detailed information on managing hazardous wastes at foreclosed properties, please see the fact sheet.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

The City of Vernon Health Department, along with Recycle San Diego, has regular business electronics waste (e-waste) recycling events in Vernon. Contact us at 323/583-8811 extension 231

Items allowed: Personal computers/laptops, CRT monitors/TV's/plasma/LCD screens, keyboards, mice/trackballs, type writers, copiers/faxes, telephones/cell phones, answering machines, pagers, radios, stereos/speakers, VCR's/DVD players, remote controls, modems/servers, circuit boards, and hard drives.

(Only items listed can be accepted; no household hazardous wastes such as paint, solvents, pesticides, oils, etc., are permitted)

In addition:
Loose alkaline batteries will be accepted at $1.00 / pound.
Straight fluorescent tubes will be accepted at $.50 / foot
Cmpact fluorescent bulbs (household) at $1.00 each.

No computer cartridges will be accepted this time.

For questions or for businesses requiring special handling or large loads are encouraged to contact us at 323/583-8811 extension 231.

Recycling Ordinance:

A construction and demolition (C&D) ordinance on January 4, 2005, that applies to all C&D projects with a value in excess of $100,000, all permits which consist of the demolition of a structure or structures, irrespective of the total value of the demolition work, and all projects which consist only of grading, irrespective of the total value of the grading work. All applicants for covered projects must submit a recycling and reuse plan (RRP) demonstrating how they will divert at least 50 percent of all soil, rock, and gravel, and at least 50 percent of all C&D debris, excluding inert material. Inert material may comprise no more than 2/3 of the project's C&D debris for the purpose of meeting the 50 percent requirement unless it is determined the project will not generate enough other C&D debris to meet the requirement. No permits for covered projects will be issued unless and until the project has an approved RRP. Project applicants must submit an initial progress report no later than 90 days after issuance of the permit. Annual progress reports must be submitted thereafter until the completion of the project. Within 45 days of project completion, the permit applicant must submit a final compliance report and proper documentation regarding the amount of debris generated and diverted. Failure of the permit applicant to submit the interim or final report or proper documentation may result in administrative penalties and the county may withhold approval of any or all future RRPs submitted by the responsible person for any projects until the administrative penalty has been paid.

Vernon is committed to stimulating green development within the City, while expanding the City's capacity to sustain and grow the 1,800 businesses that support approximately 50,000 jobs in the region.

  • Vernon is creating a climate action plan. The plan, which is the first in the Southeast region, will provide guidance to the City on how to take advantage of opportunities to reduce emissions of gases linked to climate change, which the City expects will have the additional benefit of also reducing traditional criteria pollutants.
  • The City has also commissioned a study to create a Green Industrial Development Plan, the goal of which is to establish a series of programs to enhance environmental sustainability and support economic vitality, while protecting the health of its residents and workers and the residents in surrounding communities.
  • Together, the two planning efforts will help the City to address such critical issues as improving energy efficiency, expanding the use of renewable resources, improving the management of water and storm water, and reducing the production of solid and hazardous waste, as well as many other important environmental issues.
  • Along with the other initiatives, these plans will ensure that the City of Vernon is ready to take a leadership role among its peers in building a model for municipally-led sustainable development.