Over the last decade, interest and awareness in the environment has accelerated to a level where recycling of various waste streams has become expected by residents or simply mandated by governmental regulation.

Our industry has produced numerous innovative breakthroughs to address the rapidly growing trend of recycling the various commodities found within our waste stream. The newest breakthrough is the recycling of Residential Asphalt Roofing Shingles (RARS) to produce road paving material. Nationwide, the recycling of RARS has been widely implemented due to the enormous annual volume of material and the overwhelming impact it has on landfill capacity.

Furthermore, the requirements of State of California Assembly Bill AB939 currently mandate a minimum 50% waste diversion from sanitary landfills, thus the disposal weight of RARS greatly has impacted municipal compliance with AB939. Up until this exclusive program, the entire RARS waste stream ended up in a sanitary landfill. Estimates are that over 100,000 tons of RARS are landfilled annually. This is a staggering amount of waste that is fully recyclable, yet has not been, until now!


On March 1, 2012, CWS began accepting Residential Asphalt Roofing Shingles (RARS) for recycling in partnership with the Chandler Inert Landfill located in Lomita. CWS is the exclusive Chandler designated RARS collection and material cleaning facility. Chandler will perform the actual recycling (grinding) of the shingles at their State of California permitted facility.

Be assured, every local municipality recognizes CWS as a State of California approved and designated collection facility for the Chandler RARS recycling program, therefore all local municipalities will recognize your RARS waste is 99.99% recycled, thus earning full diversion credit with local municipal AB939 mandates and project bonding/deposit requirements.

Chandler will accept RARS directly, however, due to the uncompromising necessity of a clean RARS commodity, there are no exceptions to their strictly enforced rule that no contamination of the RARS will be allowed. If delivered to Chandler, the RARS must be clean of all trash, plastic, metal flashing, wood, concrete, paper, etc. or the load will be categorically rejected.

Composite, laminate or sandwich roofing waste is not accepted and will categorically be rejected if within a load. All loads will be inspected at the time of disposal, thus loads that do not meet their strict unwavering criteria, will be rejected, promptly re-loaded WITHOUT A REFUND. - NO EXCEPTIONS. Visit Chandlers website and to view a schedule of their operating hours and rates.

As an alternative to Chandler's uncompromising standard of material cleanliness, you may either deliver your RARS to the convenient CWS facility located in Gardena, or you may economically rent a dumpster of various size depending on your amount of RARS material. We are more lenient with regard to the overall cleanliness of the RARS - allowing up to 10-15% contamination ( trash, plastic, metal flashing, wood, concrete, paper, etc) for no additional charge. Click here for the current disposal rate.